Thai Nguyen Tan Cuong Tea Vietnam Green Tea special

Tan Cuong tea

Thai Nguyen Tan Cuong Tea Vietnam Green Tea special?

Vietnam’s most famous tea region is Thai Nguyen Province but Tan Cuong tea region and its product quality are the best.

Tan Cuong is one commune in Thai Nguyen province. This area is located in the Midland mountainous area with red-brown soil and many narrow and flat valleys. Tan Cuong is a place with many trace elements suitable for tea trees. Formed mainly on the foundation of ferritic, acid magma and alluvium, sandstone, the soil here is slightly acrid to give a typical taste for tea here which can not be found in any other place.

This special product from Tan Cuong – Cong River area possesses an incredibly delicious taste that can mesmerize any tea drinker including the pickiest one. Each sip of hot tea pouring into the mouth firstly leaves a little taste of bitterness on the tip of the tongue, but that taste immediately transforms to a deep sweet when the tea is off the throat.

Nowadays, various new tea areas have been established with unique and different tea products to serve the needs of customers, and many areas of Thai Nguyen province extended tea growing areas.

Pictures of Tan Cuong tea hill
Image of Tan Cuong tea hill

How to process Tan Cuong tea?

This Tea usually is picked up with the standard “1 bud, 2 leaves” to ensure the best quality tea buds in Tân Cương hill tea. Tan Cuong green tea totally cares with organic fertilizer and is free from residues of pesticides and plant protection chemicals harmful to human health.

Fresh tea buds and leaves after being carefully picked will be dried naturally before wilting. Then people will roast the buds and leaves in a pan with a fixed level of temperature until the buds begin to curl up and desiccated. The green color now turns black. Simple as it may sound, it is actually a very complicated process that depends much on the workers’ skills to achieve the requirements of quality. Thai Nguyen tea is processed using traditional secrets. After picking from the trees, green tea buds are stored carefully to ensure the perfect state before delivering to the factory for processing.

Someone says this area’s land and its suitable climate, some suppose soil is the reason and some also say the experienced hand of farmers create the specialty of tea. Anyhow, the special flavor of this green tea has been a very important part of the Tea culture in Vietnam.

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