The Difference Between Fake Or Real Crocodile Skin

Fake Or Real Crocodile Skin

Check Fake Or Real Crocodile Skin?

Wallets, crocodile leather bags are quite expensive. Therefore, it is very important to check and recognize the Fake Or Real Crocodile Skin. The real leather has a naturally glossy surface. It absorbs water quickly when we drop a small water amount on the surface of the product. In addition, Crocodile leather patterns are unique, each skin has a different type of patterns.

Four ways to check the Real Crocodile leather

1. Crocodile leather product is quite expensive

This is the most obvious way to detect fake crocodile skin. Take the example of a crocodile leather wallet. On the Vietnam market, this type of product usually costs from USD 50 to USD 80, depending on the product quality or brand, the price will vary.

Whenever the seller says the wallet made from real crocodile skin is available at a low price of about USD 20. It is quite sure that you are buying fake goods. Why? No store owner is generous enough to bear the cost burden for you. There is no reason for the real crocodile skin leather to be so cheap. Therefore, if you see a crocodile leather wallet or belt with “super cheap price”. You can buy one but don’t expect any quality. It will not give you the durability and flexibility like real crocodile leather wallets at high prices.

2. Identify fake crocodile skin by physical factors

In the process of determining the true value of crocodile skin, physical factors are not to be missed because the nature of genuine leather is very much expressed through the elasticity, thickness of the skin, hardness of spikes.

The structure of the crocodile skin is a combination of the lower elastic skin layer and the vein layer, creating its natural elasticity. This leads to crocodile skin products are not easy to crack or crease when impacted such as bending, or pressing

While real crocodile skin has signs of elasticity, the fake leather is quite hard. On the outside, all crocodile skin looks sturdy. But surely the fake crocodile leather will not be able to fold or bend without leaving cracks or folds like real leather.

Those who have had the opportunity to see the real crocodile will know that reptiles have a layer of thorns and thick, supple skin. And when this type of leather gets into the factory, there’s no way to reduce its thickness without losing its quality.

While fake crocodile skin is mostly made from cowhide, it is usually thin and no matter how many layers are padded, they will not be able to have the natural thickness of the real crocodile skin. You can say that real crocodile skin will look thicker, deeper and not as flat as faux leather.

Leather spines
This feature is quite an effective way to check for products if it contains the spines. These spines are a bit flattened, but very hard, so you can press your finger against the pressure to feel their firmness. Imitation leather made from cowhide cannot imitate this, so the fake spines will look smooth and soft, as opposed to real spines.

3. Skin surface structure

These are the signs of the differences, which can be observed directly with the eyes.

Basically, the fake crocodile skin looks as glossy as pressed plastic, while genuine leather can be matte or shiny naturally. So if you bring crocodile leather purses and handbags to the direct light, you will see the gloss of imitation leather, in contrast to the real leather.

Pattern and texture
The crocodile pattern is soft and flexible, almost like the fingerprint of a person. Every skin surface shows the feeling there is no certain rule. Imitation alligator leather is molded from machines to produce coarse, rigid and shallow artificial vein lines.

Also because of the smooth texture, the crocodile skin still looks a little different in shape and uneven.

The uniqueness of each product
What better way to get a unique crocodile skin product? Each crocodile is born with different skin texture. So every product made from authentic crocodile skin cannot be completely identical or duplicated. And this is also a feature that makes crocodile leather items worthwhile.

With fake crocodile skin products, you will easily see many with the same color, the same texture. As for the genuine leather, no matter how similar, you can still tell the difference between them.

4. Identify fake crocodile skin with water

Now, if you have tried the above methods and still have doubts or concerns. The following method will certainly ensure the accuracy rate of genuine leather. All you need to do is apply a small amount of water on the surface of the product.

Let the water penetrate the skin, even you can rub it there to speed up the process. After about 1-2 minutes, the skin is exposed to water, if the skin color is as dark as black and the water was absorbed … Congratulations! You are the owner of real crocodile skin products.

On the other hand, artificial leather does not have this particular property. The water is dripped onto the surface of the skin and will spill out immediately because the skin does not absorb it.

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