How To Prevent The Mosquito Bites For Baby

how to prevent the mosquito bites

How To Prevent The Mosquito Bites For Baby?

Mosquitoes carry many dangerous diseases such as malaria, viral hemorrhagic fever, and Zika virus. Moreover, mosquitoes are a nuisance for everyone, especially young children. Mosquitoes not only cause itching but also infect some dangerous virus such as West Nile virus (which causes serious brain diseases encephalitis and meningitis).

At present, there are many ways to help children reduce the risk of mosquito bites such as using mosquito repellents, using appropriate clothing, and choosing the right time and place to play for children. So in today’s topic, we will discuss on how to prevent the mosquito bites for the baby


Some effective ways to prevent mosquito bites

Wear the protective clothing

Even in the warm weather, make sure your child’s hands and feet are covered with clothing. Long sleeves and socks will help reduce the risk of mosquito bites. Many experts believe that bright-colored clothing will refract the heat, while hot colors and flower motifs will attract the insects and mosquito

Apply the anti-mosquito cream to your baby’s clothing

You should gently spray directly on baby clothes or put the anti-mosquito cream on the palm and gently apply to baby skin. Use mosquito repellents containing geraniol, picaridin or eucalyptus oil. Avoid exposure to the eyes and hands of children. When choosing an anti-mosquito cream, you should note:

  • Mosquito repellent containing DEET (abbreviated N, N-Diethyl-meta- toluamide, also known as diethyltoluamide, commonly used in insect and mosquito products, etc.) is often the best choice. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics requires that mosquito repellants for babies and young children should not contain over 10% DEET. This substance is absorbed through the skin and will harm the skin if we use too much. Do not use DEET-containing products for infants less than two months of age.
  • Do not put the product contain DEET inside the child’s clothing, to avoid contact with the skin.

Use a mosquito net in your child’s room

Put the nets around outside the car seats, baby strollers, and places where children play. When your child sleeps, do not forget to use the cradle with the curtain.

Replace the broken windows in your home

Mosquitoes often find a way to enter the house if you do not carefully cover, especially when you leave the window open at night. Instead of keeping windows open for cool, use a fan when sleeping. Wind blow from the fan just to help avoid mosquitoes approaching the baby.

Keep your house clean

Mosquitoes often lay eggs in stagnant water, so you should always cover the tanks, buckets of water. You should not put water in flower vases, pots, sinks for too long, because mosquito eggs will appear in 7 to 10 days. Therefore, remember to change the water regularly in pots, buckets, pots once a week. When rinsing, do not forget to shake vigorously to push mosquito eggs sticking out of the items

For gutters, small puddles, or places with stagnant water around the house, remember to add a few drops of the fuel because the oil will form a thin layer to prevent mosquitoes lay eggs on the water. You should also throw away used items such as cans, bottles around the house. Dry leaves can accumulate the rainwater and become a place for mosquitoes to stay and lay their eggs so it should also be cleaned regularly.

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